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hi! this is dan wolstenholme on behalf ofexpert village and i am going to show you how to pump gas. okay in this scene we aregoing to pull the car up to the pump and start to pump the gas. so we are going to show youhow to activate the pump, how to insert the nozzle and how to start pumping gas. firstthing when you pull up to the pump is to always remember to shut off your engine for safetyreasons. okay and we get out of the car. as we showed you before, always remember to releaseyour fuel pump, shut the car door and open the gas cap. now for some of you who don'tlike to experience everybody else's used the gas pump before you that day, you can alwaysuse a rubber glove for your sanitization protection. okay we are at the pump. what we want to dofirst is to authorize the pump. this particular

one is asking if we have a discount ticket.we don't so press no. we are going to pay with the debit card outside. so we are goingto insert the card into the card reader. always remember to use for gasoline the black handle,the green handle over here is for diesel fuel. believe it or not, people have put dieselin their car. so you want to take a look at the fuel receptacle. it is the nozzle thereagain. a standard gasoline nozzle is made to fit right into that hole so we go aheadand do that now. we are going to select a grade which is 85 and then we are going toinsert the nozzle and start to pump. if you

car hire norway

car hire norway,noticed it has a little trigger here thatwe could profit on to automatically fill and then we go ahead and fill or dispense to thelevel that we want to. when the tank is full,

the back pressure will kick back into thenozzle. to release the pressure on the nozzle, you will hear click and that means that thetank is full.

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