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car hire newquay airport

imagine a uk holiday in a land of sun sea sand and surf choose from our range of over 600 luxury self catering apartments and country cottages in devon. cornwall. dorset. and somerset. our waterside apartments overlook some of the best golden sand beaches in the south west of england from family beach holidays to that quieter relaxing country cottage holday. what ever holiday you have in mind. we have the ideal vacation for you.

and the family pet at selected locations. with no hotel time restrictions and shedules. you can dine in style at a time to suit you in our fully equipped spacious state of the art kitchen diners. our luxury bathroom suites and some en-suite may include a massaging shower attachment. our luxury and spacious cosy well appointed dream bedroom suites will ensure a good nights sleep for all the family newquay is the number one surfing attraction in the uk

you can watch the experts or have a go yourself. explore the local fishing villages coves and attractions. try for a hole in one on newquay's fabulous golf course.

car hire newquay airport

car hire newquay airport,with so much to see and do in newquay, it's the perfect holiday for all the family. check prices and availablity dates and book online at presented to you by captionworld.

car hire newcastle

i spent most of the day yesterday stuck, with my ass glued onto a coach, or a bus seat after 5 minutes of leaving the house my trip had already got off to a bad start omg shit i forgot to bring my contact lenses omg oh wells, i'm just gonna be wearing glasses the whole time ( i was gonna change into contacts later) great

this btw is the spaghetti junction and it's called that because of the intertwining motorways that look like spaghetti i guess - right? so now the easy part was over now for the hard part 3.5 more hours...on a coach yay, lucky me surprisingly, my first two hours flew by really quickly as i followed this foolproof routine

to keep myself entertained which basically consisted of: sleep podcast sleep podcast sleep but that wouldn't last long as to my distaste, i was woken up by the lovely smell of cheesy feet mmm (!) i paid 5 quid for this journey, so what can you expect? someone however, tried to get on the coach without paying where is he? where's his phone? come down here! woah woah

and that's as exciting as a coach journey gets, i'm afraid then half an hour later, at 8:30 i finally leeds thanks for watching guys!

car hire newcastle

car hire newcastle,and as usual, if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe if you haven't already cos there's gonna be a lot of good videos coming to you and i'll see you in the next video, ciao!

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car hire new zealand

are you thinking about renting from wickedcampers for your upcoming road trip? here's an in-depth look at what to expectfrom your rental, as well as our review of the experience. first thing, let's talk about the vehicle. we were given a late model toyota voxy. this one was rust and dent free inside andout and had only about 130,000km on the engine. the tires were in great shape. after pulling away from the rental centeri tested the tire pressure which was spot on and even checked the air filter for theengine.

it was spotless. we may have gone above and beyond on inspectingour rental vehicle but since we booked it for over 40 days and we were going to be insome pretty remote areas, we wanted to make sure we weren't driving a breakdown readyto happen. cribs usually kicks the tour off with thekitchen so let's start there. the built in kitchen consists of a sink, twobins on racks, butane stove, and a decent sized cooler. wicked camper throws in some pots, plates,bowls, and a little silverware as well. we actually haven't used the sink once.

look at this thing, looks ridiculous. could this kitchen set up be better? absolutely. is it livable for camping? yeah, yeah. chairs and tables aren't included in the rentaland cost a flat fee of $15 nzd to have for the duration of your rental. very much worth it. on to the sleeping area.

this is where the magic happens. let's check out bed-mode first. we're both 6 feet tall. we both fit in here, but you really wouldn'twant to be any bigger than us. or you would need to be desperately in lovefor it to be comfortable. you don't want your roommate to smell bad. combined you should be 12 feet and 400lbs. it's not the most comfortable thing in theworld but every night when you crawl in here for sleepy time you'll be glad you're notoutside in tents.

these campervans have storage on storage onstorage. the back area: it's a bit of a pain to getto so we put things here that we almost never need. the front area is where we keep all our foodand hide our electronics when we park. the storage area in front is great for clothingyou need every day and your backpacks make little drawers under it- it's awesome! there's even a little area that we call theunder-nunder. there's a great spot to stash shoes, walkingsticks, and treasures. so, with the table set up it's tight in here.

there's nothing around that. plus you have all the pillows and bed padsand blankets. there's really nothing you can do about that. but on a rainy new zealand day, it's betterto have this table option than not. here's the pilot area. this is probably the spot that's going tovary the most depending which van you get. ours had a ton of nice stash spots for allour gadgets, snacks and other stuff. you can see it's a bit messy up here, yoursis going to be messy too. all in all, we were really happy with ourcampervan from wicked campers.

they were definitely our least expensive optionand when we booked it for over 30 days they gave us a break on the price. you can end up with some pretty wicked slogansand graphics on the side though, so make sure to put in your request ahead of time if youdon't want anything others might deem inappropriate.

car hire new zealand

car hire new zealand,there are far nicer campervans and rvs outthere but at a heavily inflated price. if you're looking for the best bang for yourbuck though, wicked seems to be the company to work with. if you're looking for more information besure to check out the written review at

car hire new york

i'm joe weisenfelder from cars dot comi'm here at the new york auto show at an exhibit called taxi 07 a hundredyears of the yellow cab what we're looking athere is the first-ever taxi belt to be a taxi is from 1956 and it was designed to be a little bitlonger and to hold more passengers than a regular sedan of the day this one was made to bestretched and a hold eight people the second generation checker cab madeby the check a manufacturing company is this one and someone people recognizemore because it was made for

decades the last ones were built in 1982 and that's one cab companies want toregular old sedans that most people could buy to drive their families andsuch cars haven't been made to be usedspecifically as taxicabs since the checker now withthey moved onto regular passenger sedans stuff like thechevy caprice which has been retired and now just about every cab you see in mostmajor cities is a crown victoria from ford usually start out as policecars and then kev retired become caps

repairs are calm still love the crownvictoria we love it it's our favorite car because thestandard taxi is designed to be a cab 10 things they kept in mindwas how elegant survive a crash and how easy it would beto repair afterward all these panels like the hood and the top offender here are innertheir modular and their bolted on so it's really easyand quick to get them replaced and quickness is important for thedrivers because they need to get back on the road

even though the standard actually ashorter from bumper to bumper than a crown victoria it is extremely roomy inside and theposition that you are in right now is a place where strollers or realchairs can be secured every standard taxi is wheelchair-accessible has its own rampand as the right height i'm here with mark line the president ofstandard taxi which is the first cab made to be a cab since the checkerin the eighties one that will this become a real producti within 18 months

where can we first expect to see thecenter taxi on the road well we had a a very positive interestfrom new york chicago san francisco washington

car hire new york

car hire new york,seattle toronto vancouver where theyhaving the olympics and the paralympics in 2010 there's really been a universal interestfrom across north america for all the latest car news check outkarzai calm and our blog kicking tires

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car hire near me

hello there, my name is shak. in today's video, i'm going to tell you the secret of getting cheaper car insurance. before i continue i want to emphasise how important it is, to tell the truth on the insurance proposal form. if you intentionally withhold information, or try to deceive the insurance company. your insurance may become invalid. nowinsurance companies use a catalogue of facts to work out your premiums. some of these facts are your data of birth, where you live. your job title, how much experience you've got. even where you park your vehicle one of the easiest ways of saving money of your car insurance, is to look carefully at your job title.

did you know a music teacher would pay 80 pounds more for insurance, than just a teacher. this is because the insurance companiesbelieve, that as a music teacher he or she will be focused on his music whilstdriving, and therefore more likely to have an accident. the insurance companies would charge a chef 98 pounds more for insurance, than for kitchen staff. this is because the insurance company believes, that a chef will be the last person to leave the kitchen. they'll be tired. eager to get home. therefore more likely to have an accident. now if you're a full-time parent. put that down on the insurance proposal form. your insurance will be 300 pounds cheaper, then if you put down your unemployed.

so, if your job role has various job titles play around with it, and put down the one that will get youthe cheaper insurance. however i must stress, that the job title you put must accurately describe your role. otherwise it could leave you open toprosecution. another way of getting cheaper car insurance, is to have an additional driver. an experienced person with years of no claims bonus as an additional driver to your insurance now it's a crime to say that someone is amain driver of your vehicle when they are not. however it's perfectly legal to have an additional driver. having an additional driver, could save you hundreds of pounds of your car insurance.

the third tip, i'm going to give you togetting cheaper car insurance. is to start shopping around at least two tothree weeks before you need insurance. the shocking fact is the insurance companies, will charge you,

car hire near me

car hire near me,between two to three hundred pounds, just for leaving it to the last day. i hope you found this information useful if so please give the thumbs up, as it helps us to make more videos. thank you for watching!

car hire naples

just south of naples are some of italy'smost appreciated attractions. along a breathtaking coastline,you'll find trendy resort towns, ancient ruins, and enchantingisland getaways. long the haunt of celebrities, the allure of sorrentoand the amalfi coast is still a hitwith travelers today. sorrento is the ideal home base for exploringthe stunning amalfi coast.

tourists line up each morning, packing the buses which makethe memorable day trip. but this is a casewhen i hire a cabbie, like raffaele monetti,to be my driver and guide. time for a tripon the amalfi? yes.okay. steves: but, especiallyfor a small group, when you factor inthe value of your time and the frustrationof trying to explore a congested

and expensive bit of italiancoastline on your own, a day with your own drivercan be a fine value. the amalfi coastis chaotic, scenic, in-love-with-life italyat its best. with its breathtaking scenery, dramatically perchedport towns, and historic ruins, the amalfi is italy's coastwith the most. whether you ride the busor a taxi,

the trip south from sorrento is one ofthe world's great road trips. you'll gain respect for the italian engineerswho first built the road, and even more respect forthe bus drivers who drive it. [ horn honks ] cantilevered hotels and villas cling to the vertical terrain, and beautiful, sandy covestease from far below.

as you hyperventilate, notice how the mediterraneanreally twinkles. traffic is so heavythat private tour buses are only allowedto go southbound.

car hire naples

car hire naples,even so, because of the narrowroads and tight corners, expect some delays... [ speaking italian ] and enjoy the show.

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car hire namibia

(music playing) (narrator) over 50 percent of thegreenhouse gas emissions you produce in your home are generated by heating,air conditioning and hot water. in other words keepingyour home warm in winter, cool insummer with nice hot water on tap is emitting2.5 to 5 tonnes of greenhouse gasemissions each year. it also contributes ahefty amount to your electricity bill, between50 to 60 percent.

csiro has invented a new solarair conditioning system for australian homes.this technology solution will reduce australia’s emissions,reduce your energy bills and reduce our demandfor electricity and gas. if every home inaustralia installed our solar cooling technologyit would be the equivalent of saving15 mega tonnes of co2 or taking 3.5 millioncars off the road. csiro’s solar air conditioningis an innovative three in one

technology that provides hotwater, cooling and heating. it uses only a fraction ofthe electricity of current systems and halvesgreenhouse gas emissions. the process begins with atypical solar hot water system. water is heated by solar panelsand stored in the hot water tank. this solar hot water canthen be used throughout the home, reducing the needfor gas or electricity. a portion of the hot water isdiverted into csiro’s new solar air conditioning unit, which isdivided into two compartments.

the hot water entersa heat exchanger in the first compartmentof the unit. similar to a car radiator the heatexchanger uses the hot water to heat outside air that hasbeen drawn into the first compartmentthrough the vent. at the same time outsideair is also being drawn into the second compartmentinto a desiccant wheel. the desiccant wheel is the mostcritical part of the system. it is used to dry out the airbefore it goes into the house.

slowly turning thedesiccant material in the wheel continuouslyabsorbs moisture in the second compartment andthen the absorbent material dries out inthe first compartment. the desiccant material is dried outusing the hot dry air generated by the heat exchanger. this air is then exhaustedoutside the home. the dry air from the desiccantwheel flows through an indirect evaporative cooler which createsa stream of cool dry air.

this cool dry air is then fed into thehome in order to cool down the rooms. in winter the solar heated air canbe used directly to warm the house.

car hire namibia

car hire namibia,csiro’s solar coolingsystem is a low emissions alternative to conventionalair conditioning and gas or electric powered heating,providing more comfortable homes, reduced energy billsand a cooler planet.

car hire nairobi

ith people who knew him. they say he was recently fired for being hostil >> he wanted to work full-time. he was a young kid, 23 years old, maybe he can't handle directions.

>> then he started using offensive language towards the united states. >> he started talking about america's government. that shot up a huge red flag. he talked about what a terrible government we have, get he lives in america.

>> [indiscernible] >> a man who lives in the apartment says he sold a car to him through a friend, but does not know him personally. we also learned that he worked that casablanca restaurant on the east side.

he was also a student for

car hire nairobi

car hire nairobi,several years. he moved to milwaukee with his family from palestine when he was 17 years old.

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car hire myanmar

♪ [music] ♪ - [female advisor] passport health hascovered all the important elements of traveling safe, what diseases you can andcannot be vaccinated against, pesky insects and protection, food andwater precautions, and insurance. well, how about some personal safety andsecurity advice? be cautious at all times. stay in close contact with hotel and touroperators, assistance provider, and embassy. avoid crowds. travel inpairs, and leave valuables at home. life is unpredictable, so is travelingabroad. weather, road conditions, pickpockets, all present potential proactive, follow the rules,

and be aware of your surroundings to makethe right choices. - [male advisor] a little uknown fact:international travelers face a greater risk of serious disability or death frommotor vehicle-related incidents. remember these helpful safety guidelines.hire a driver recommended by your company or hotel. use safety belts and childsafety seats. avoid traveling at night. sit behind the driver, and only chooseproperly marked taxis. carry your destination address written in the locallanguage. remember, if the car breaks down, your best chance for rescueis to stay with the vehicle. when taking a bus or train, sit towardthe rear. for longer journeys,

sleep in your own compartment with doorsand suitcases locked. and finally, mark your bagswith bright identification. - remember your travel itinerary containsmore security advice, health and safety tips, and emergencyassistance information. take it with you.

car hire myanmar

car hire myanmar,keep it close, and refer to it often. theinternational certificate of vaccination given to you today is the only worldwiderecognized document for immunization verification. carry it with your passportand have all future vaccinations recorded here to maintain your vaccination history.

car hire munich

before leaving you home towards mã¡laga, book your car directly with prima rent a car why book at prima rent a car? becouse of our service, speed, and convenience with complete confidence, through our web, telephone, or fax. we pick you up at arrivals, no waiting, no queues. shortly you will be able to leave with your car. no petrol paid in advance you return your car directly at departures our service is available in the same way at the airport, sea port, and train station of mã¡laga

car hire munich

car hire munich,

prima rent a car has the iso 9001 certificate since 2003, and the tourism excelence certificate since 2010 make your booking and choose the car type that best suits your needs. all of the latest models prima rent a car, a direct service

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car hire milan airport

stacey: i can't believe you're doing this stacey: i don't want to talk about it stacey: why are you filming this? stacey: because avis/ budget won't communicate stacey: this is embarrassing stacey: i just don't feel like i am being treated fairly as human stacey: they kept talking, so i told to write but i used my phone to communicate with them stacey: i feel so weird being filmed like this stacey: the woman was patient, she was trying to be patient and be calm

stacey: i understand so i tried to be calm too stacey: but she won't tell me the total cost stacey: i told her where is the email to show proof of the price stacey: she pointed at the receipt saying, it's that! stacey: i didn't get that email stacey: i asked her for the total but she kept talking stacey: i said ok, what's the total? stacey: i just simply want to know stacey: she kept talking and pointing at the total

stacey: before it was $494, that's the total for one week car rental stacey: that's ridiculous! stacey: i said no insurance, i decided to turn down the offer stacey: i asked her how much and she said it was $30. stacey: i said ok. i agreed to go with the insurance. stacey: the insurance is used to cover if we ever get into a car accident stacey: but later, i saw the receipt and said no stacey: the woman kept quiet about the cost of $30 a day! stacey: so $30.99 a day for one week

stacey: yeah, i thought it was $30 a week so i said ok yeah fine sure stacey: but it's $30 a day, so no stacey: so the woman was frustrated because she has to go back and deny the insurance offer to change the payment stacey: i was like well i told you through the notes on my phone stacey: i told her that i wasn't aware that it was $30 a day! stacey: the woman didn't tell me that stacey: she still kept quiet stacey: the woman proceeded to charge my card but never told me the total cost once again stacey: i am just really frustrated. i feel degraded

*a person in background, consoling her* stacey: i stayed calm stacey: i know next time, i have to talk to a manager stacey: i am just frustrated stacey: i understand there is a long line stacey: but you aren't communicating with me stacey: you want to work through it fast, then you have to write!

car hire milan airport

car hire milan airport,stacey: she should have communicated! stacey: she kept talking. how the f**k you expect me to understand the f**k you say?

stacey: i really felt degraded stacey: ok, stop filming

car hire mexico cancun

how do you get around the riviera maya? well, you have several options. if you're coming into the cancun airport,one of the easiest is an airport transfer. and they can take you right tothe place that you're staying. you can take a bus up anddown the coast line, and there's lots of first classbuses that are easily found. you can take them,they run usually about on the hour. now if you want a more culturalexperience, you want to take a collectivo. and what a collectivo is, it's likea volkswagen minibus or minivan, and

everybody piles into it. and they put a lot of people into,and you pay like 15 pesos. and they make various stops up anddown the highway. now, if you take this tothe area that you're staying, be prepared that you have to walk fromthe highway then in towards the beach. they're not gonna take you door to door. now taxis can be pricey, butyou can easily flag a taxi anywhere. when i'm in playa del carmen,i usually park my car. and then i take a taxi and zip aroundwherever i need to go, a restaurant or

shopping, because i don't wannahave to look for a parking space. and car rentals, you can rent a car. and a lot of people ask us, and there's small rental places where youcan rent from that are out of cancun. or you can go with a hertz,avis, executive. none of them are commercial endorsements,but you can go with any of those big agencies,too. now one question we get askedall the time is about insurance. do i really need that car insurance?

well, it's like having house insurance. you don't like having it, but you're really glad when youneed it that you've got it. and i will say, with car insurance,it will cost you, sometimes more than the rental itself. but if you, god forbid,have an accident, or something happens, you're gonna be really happyto have that car insurance. because if you have a problem with thatcar, you get dinged or banged up, and you go to leave the country andcatch your flight home.

if there's something wrong, they'regonna tie you up at that rental office, and they're gonna make youpay the damages on that car. no matter what your credit cardstell you that visa says, oh, it's covered by your insurance.

car hire mexico cancun

car hire mexico cancun,no, the car rental company is gonna say,you know what? you can pay cash for it right now, and then sort it out with your creditcard company when you get home. just err on the side of safety andbuy the car rental insurance.

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car hire mercedes

[audrey]hey there! [peggy]up, up we go up we go! grannies got the lambo today, grannies gotthe lambo you call it lambo, i call it 'ghini' ok, there it is, wow! purrs like a kitten[laughing] some kind of roar, roars like a lion you'retalking to me. you know how to do this, don't you?

backwards. where's the back-up camera? but you know, it's just a car. how do you see out? can you see? well, i've got it in reverse. oh, it saysbrake. it's smarter than we are. it's smarter than we are [laughing] oh, audrey this is going to be a heck of aday this is an adventure.

here we go baby. ok. you go, you go girl. go girl. maybe they'd put us in the rose parade. [honking horn] we're lamborghini queens. lamborghini queens. [singing] hey lamborghiniqueen, you look mean. hi, dude. oh my g-d, that lady looks so dorky in herhelmet on top of her baseball hat. she should be having herself a lamborghini, that's whati'm thinking.

yeah, we could tear rubber, but that car aheadof us is just going to damn slow. hi, yeah take a picture. [engine revs] i know, but that checker, that's even betterlooking. that checker was cute. i know. he was looking at you. was he looking at me? oh my g-d. yes he was, and i think he's the right age. is this gonna? where are we going to put thestuff?

uh, i'm clueless. got to be a big trunk. what is, what is in that trunk? i don't know, but it's not a trunk. it's not a trunk. no, it's not, that's the horses. that's the engine. do you see it, where is the hooky-doo? it'sright there. [laughing]

this is too funny, you know? we got this carfor the day and can't get our dang groceries in it. you know what? do like they do in zimbabwe,we'll just put these on top of our heads. i give up. is this your car? yeah. kind of- sort of. nice. you got room for me? could i go? no, there's no room for the groceries, there'sno room for you.

car hire mercedes

car hire mercedes,we can't put you in the trunk if we can'tfind the trunk. oh lordy.

dude, go chat him up, chat him up! what do you think?

car hire melbourne

be taken back to the high school or picked up by a different bus. (laura) what would you do if you found drugs in a car you rented? (stephanie) that's exactly what happened to

a woman in chesapeake-- she called police--but she wasn't sure what would happen next. (laura) 10 on your side's matt gregory talked to

her and police-- matt what happened? (matt) for this woman it was a nightmare scenario-- (matt) she drove around in a rental car for several days--onto a military base. it wasn't

until she looked under the seat for her son's toy that she found it: several grams of crack cocaine. (matt) take a look at what she saw. wrapped in saran wrap on

the floor of her rental car--crack cocaine. because this is a drug crime--she asked we not reveal who she is. but she is a nurse who works on a military base. this woman says she rented a car from

enterprise on a monday. 4 days later her son dropped a toy under her seat. she went to grab it and that's what she found-- she panicked. she called police-- paid a ton of money to

fight. as a military officers if i had been caught with it on base there is a zero tolerance policy." 5:10 (matt) she says the officer identified it as crack

on the scene. coming up

car hire melbourne

car hire melbourne,at 6:15--what is the rental company's response and what will they do for her? find out. matt

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car hire melbourne airport

noon. hi everybody, this is the news at noon, i'm alan gionet. this was the scene in omaha last night where a man drove this truck right into a southwest plane bound for denver, nobody was hurt, but our jamie leary is live at the

denver international airport. that crash was at the end of a string of bizarre incidents. reporter: yes, this man's bizarre behavior is the main reason hep was hospitalized. this is the reason he has yet to be charged. that man was screaming and

flailing his arms, chased him around the outside of epley airfield in omaha into the parking garage where he stripped down to his boxers. omaha police say he took off and hid in some bushes. they ended up losing him for a period of time because of that.

they finally saw him again as he was scaling an eight foot tall bashed wire fence leading to the tarmac. once he got over the fence, he found an unattended pickup truck and drove it into the landing gear of a southwest plane on their way to dia.

the plane's nose gear tires were flattened so passengers had to board another plane. they arrived here at dia around midnight last night three hours after they were supposed to be here. two pilots reported minor injuries but refused treatment.

i talked to omaha police. they say he is still in the hospital.

car hire melbourne airport

car hire melbourne airport,based on his erratic behavior, it could be a couple more days before he is released. but we could know a little more

car hire meaning

go. go! go...go, come on. can i help you?name, please. seinfeld. i made a reservationfor a mid-size, and she's a small. i'm kiddin' around, of course. okay, let's see here.- sixty six years old?! yeah. well, he's in perfect health.he works out - he's vibrant. you'd really like him. why do people always say that?i hate everybody - why would i like him? so, what do you think - could yougo out with a 66-year-old woman? well, i'll tell ya...

she would have to be really vibrant she'd be spinning. i'm sorry, we have no mid-sizeavailable at the moment. i don't understand - i made a you have my reservation? - yes, we do. unfortunately, we ran out of cars. but the reservation keeps the car here. that's why you have the reservations. i know why we have reservations.- i don't think you do. if you did, i'd have a car. see, you know how to takethe reservation. you just don't know

how to hold the reservation. and that's really the mostimportant part of the reservation, the holding.anybody can just take 'em. let me speak with my supervisor. here we go, the supervisor. you know what she's saying over there? hey, marge, see those two people over there?they think i'm talking to you,

so you pretend like you're talking to me.okay, now you start talking. oh, you mean like this - so it looks likei'm saying something, but i'm not really saying anything at all? okay, now you say something else and they won't yell at me'cause they thought i was checking with you. okay, i think that's enough.see ya later! i'm sorry. my supervisor saysthere's nothing we can do. yeah... it looked like you werein a real conversation over there.

well, we do have a compact -if you would like that. fine.- alright. well, we have a blue

car hire meaning

car hire meaning,ford escort for you, mr. seinfeld.would you like insurance? yeah... you better give me the insurance, because i am gonna beat the hell out of this thing. please, fill this out.

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car hire mauritius

[sound of machinery fades into music-drumsand electric guitars] >>james kelly: we had the idea of promotinga healthy sense of competition between companies. and we thought, what better way to do thatthan-than have a race. have a fun event it seemed like a really googley thing to particular, the race is an idea that we want to encourage companies to think about howto deploy fiber more efficiently and faster and with less disruption to residents.>>cal-west man: friendly competition amongst everybody. i don't know how friendly it'sgoing to be. well, i hope it is. >>ditch witch man 1: if you're not first you'relast. >>ditch witch man 2: that's it>>ditch witch man 1: and we're not last

>>ditch witch man 2: shake n' bake>>hp communications man 1: we do have a secret weapon.>>hp communications man 2: these guys right here are our secret weapon.>>team hp communications: hp communications! give it all you got!>>ditch witch man 1: we shoulda give them a head start yesterday because they're gonnaneed it. >>team ditch witch: ditch witch is takingthe quantum leap! >>team cal west: team cal west hurrah! >>team husqvarna: team husqvarna! >>team bearing sea eccotech: we're not thedeadliest catch. we're the best catch!

[laughter]>>women's voice: while we go laughing. [music louder during competition] [music stops] >>female awards presenter: ok! and the winnertoday obviously is ditch witch. so ditch witch... betty--come on up.[applause, whoops, voices talking] >>ditch witch man 1: thank you.>>women's voice: oh, my god! flowers, how cute! [music resumes in background orchestra] >>bearing sea eccotech man 1: unfortunatelybecause we didn't have the ditch completely cleaned, they gave us third place, which we'reextremely happy with.

>>ditch witch man: we might not have trenchedthe fastest but once we were finished it was a kinda one pass. because everything was cleaned,it was down to depth. >>bearing sea eccotech man 1: we did havethe tools to clean it up, but we were told that we didn't have to.>>ditch witch man : it feels good that we won, obviously.>>bearing sea eccotech man 1: the best moment of the competition was getting past the finishline and actually being in front of everybody. >>james kelly: we evaluated the winners basedon several criteria. one of which was the straightness of the cut, so that's you'lllook down the line and see how straight is the cut; 'cause you won't want to live ona street that has those wiggly lines on it.

you'd like a nice and neat line.another criteria is the depth of the cut. we looked for a-we set a minimum depth. wewanted everybody to cut at least nine inches under the ground so that we had a fair competitionbetween everybody. we also looked at the width.we looked at the amount of spoil, so the amount of mess made. we didn't want too much messmade, because if it is too messy then that's a problem when we have to clean up after thecrews and, potentially, we make a mess in

car hire mauritius

car hire mauritius,your neighborhood and we don't want that.and the final criteria, and, of course, the most important was speed. so we wanted theseguys to go fast. although there were several teams, i thinkthat the right team won. and congratulations

to ditch witch!

car hire manchester

many chinese cities have huge populations in fact, there are more than a dozen cities in china with at least five million people according to 2016 data beijing has an estimated 21.7 million people shanghai just over 24 million with all those cars on the streets clogging traffic chinese citizens are increasingly taking a look at bicycles

mobike has taken the bike riding experience to a whole new level it has a unique chinese design a simple frame and no chain cutting down on maintenance costs but that’s just the start unlocking the bike is so easy just use the qr code provided on your phone inside the lock, a gps system that means mobike users could locate bikes on their phone

reserve one nearby, no bike racks required it also means mobike can track the bikes to determine where they’re most often used which cuts down on theft and gives mobike data about where to roll out more bikes a solar power on the bike powers a battery for locking mechanism and the gps locator when it comes to the

popularity of bike-sharing china is leading the world according to the earth policy institute 700 cities in 57 countries have bike sharing programs china has about 170 separate bike-sharing programs

car hire manchester

car hire manchester,the u.s., france, germany about 40 each the chinese government like companies like mobike because they combine chinese high end manufacturing home grown innovation and on-line services

Rabu, 18 Oktober 2017

car hire luton airport

we have two ground handlers here. it used to be that we had two sets of everything on the one stand and it was very congested and there was just equipment everywhere. everybody recognised the problem, the airlines recognised it and most importantly the ground handlers recognised it. we invited equipment providers to work out for us how we could achieve just having shared assets on the stands.

tcr were the company that were awarded that contract. tcr is actually a company that specialises in full fleet management services, meaning rental maintenance and fleet management. over recent years there is more and more congestion at airport's, so it actually grew for us to come up with innovative ideas to reduce these kind of problems. the biggest challenge we faced in all of this process was the concept of sharing the same equipment.

we did that through the use of telematics. instead of running around collecting the steps and all the other equipment to bring to the stand from other stands and going from the other side of the airport to here, everything's there ready to pull on. it's really, really good. the turn around process is much slicker. a bit more like formula one if you like,

when a car goes into the pit stop. the moment that aircraft is stopped and chocked, the turnaround process begins. the stand is fully dressed we're ready to go. the real winner in this is the passenger. the more efficient the turnaround process the sooner they get about their own business. the more efficient we are on the ground, the better the price of your ticket.

there's nobody around the world that has taken this as far as we have. we've had airports like sydney airport, singapore, new zealand come here to see the benefits. we're happy to show them and we're happy to share this because if this improves industry - it is good for us.

car hire luton airport

car hire luton airport,lla has a really good history of innovation. we're not an organisation for sitting around waiting for somebody to show the way

we prefer to lead it.

car hire los angeles

ways to save and make you money. pat: well, how interesting is that? today we take a look at the rental market in los angeles and what, if anything, you can do to find a decent place for a decent price?

joining us is darcey forbes the national account manager for rentpath. thanks for being here. thank you for having me, a pleasure. paul: what is the average price of rent right now? the l.a. market as a whole,

we're constrained with supply because we didn't deliver a the love units in the last few years, we have 3% vacancy rate, that's driving renters to find new apartment homes throughout the los angeles metro area, if you're looking for a one bedroom in downtown los

angeles, you're topping out average of $1900, when you get to the two bedroom, and you see a little more deflation on it. pat: that's a lot of money, especially downtown where they tend to be so small. what are the most active places here?

where are people moving the most? a lot of activity off apartment more and more people outside culver city, westwood is a hot area for people to move to. little tokyo is popping up and koreatown and long beach is

becoming a big market. paul: really? what about families, are they getting priced out, like let's call it a family-friendly neighborhood, good schools, that kind of thing? for the renter in general, there is a scramble to find the

best apartment home they can really get a best bang for their buck, and it's really a part of the due diligence that's needed upon every single renter in the l.a. market looking for on websites like ours, where there is comprehensive listings, finding

what is best for what your needs are and dwindling what is most important to you, and really trying exercise your right to find the apartment home for your budget. pat: what's the best advice for renters around los angeles, how can they save that buck we've

been talking about? it is about due diligence, that's where it's going come down to. first thing i would say is be flexible with move-in date. be flexible with lease term. if you do a longer lease, you get a better value for money

than shorter term. premiums come on, when you say i can only get a six month lease, go for 12. usually this time of year is good for a renter to find a well-priced apartment home versus in the summer when everyone is looking for a new

apartment home. that's strategy that you do but also be strategic. understand what you really need and what is most important as a renter and when you got onto websites like ours where it's a marketplace of listings, you can dwindle into finite photos.

look at floor plans.

car hire los angeles

car hire los angeles,does that meet your needs? then you can be strategic what you are looking for. paul: we figured out how to

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car hire london uk

hello and welcome to my this sort presentation we are you talk about renting a car in athens, which is easy,convenient, and a great way to get around and see the surrounding areas of attica andvarious interesting sites on the mainland nearby. if you are only in athens for a few hours or a day and you want to see the sights, youwould be better off using public transport for a hassle-free and inexpensive day to remember. if you are planning to visit other parts ofattica and are staying for a longer period of time a rental car may be your best option.

the only thing you have to provide for a rentalis a valid driver's license as well as an international driver's license, which shouldbe issued in your country of residence and obviusly a valid credit card. most companies will rent to drivers over theage of 25. check with the individual companies regarding rental restrictions. there are car rental companies located atarrivals in the athens international airport. they are available 24 hours. it is a goodidea to book ahead if you are visiting during the summer months or around the holidays. prices could be lower if you book in advanceand for longer periods of time. some companies

will have the car waiting for you at the airportor your hotel by previous arrangement for your convenience. otherwise, you can use public transport ortaxi to get to the rental's offices. reservations and well-defined arrangements with the rentalcompanies is always a good idea, but there are enough companies to service you even ifyou want to be spontaneous and see more of greece! if you are staying in athens for a few daysyou can choose to visit unforgettable destinations that are in driving distance for a day trip,such as cape sounio, marathon, ancient olympia,

car hire london uk

car hire london uk,delphi, or ancient corinth.

there are also a number of videos about public transportation in our webtv. take a look ! formore information about athens please searh our webtv and watch lots of videos. thanksfor watching...

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subfreezing temperatures. the event was trying to find common ground on a misunderstood date faith. the message was clear. i have a right to stand here. islam operates under three liberals of g hot.

i am here today to stand against the cultural jihad in the oklahoma state capital. on the inside, the shouting stopped. it was replaced with islamic prayer and bird celebrated the first ever muslim day. it's an event by

the community in hopes of explaining their faith. through those messages of hate, we saw something that's very beautiful. for local muslim leaders, the beauty came in support from 50 visitors of other faith. it includes presents for them.

it's exciting to get a chance to witness the oklahoma muslim day. for several hours, surrounded by increased security, they listened on how to handle racial profiling and living in a world where acceptance is a long way away.

car hire liverpool

car hire liverpool,

i think it's very important in this day and age that muslims have a voice that shows what the true religion is.

Senin, 16 Oktober 2017

car hire lisbon

my name is awja tragner, iâ´m 30 years old and i’m from germany. i joined teleperformance two years ago as an assistant contact center manager and iâ´ve been recently promoted to contact center manager. i was on the internet looking for jobs abroad and i found this job offer from teleperformance. who doesn’t want to live in portugal, right? a friend sent my cv through an internal campaign called bring a friend, i participated and now i am here! i wanted to come to portugal,

so i had the perfect opportunity to come to portugal and join teleperformance. for me, it is a great place to work because i can meet people from everywhere. one of the first details i have learned about the company, is that over 80% of the managers started out on the phones, on the operations floor. development of skills within the company is what makes for me teleperformance a great company. the thing that attracted me the most were the big project, the big client names attached to teleperformance portugal.

one of things i wanted was a multicultural background, where i can use the languages that i speak. this is the best place to work because it is a multicultural environment. the team has people from all over the world with different professional backgrounds. for a person who comes from abroad, it is normal to have a lot of questions and doubts about what you will find here i was picked up from the airport and they brought me to my new apartment, they arrange city tours

and they help us with all the paperwork. the welcome team did everything for me, they made my integration very easy and that was very good. one of the nicest events i participated in was the tp cup, which is a huge indoor football tournament. last week, i started my surfing lessons with 3 colleagues and that was amazing. i tried cooking classes,

i have gone to the christmas and summer parties, all of these things are very interesting and very motivating for people who work here. well, portugal is beautiful! the portuguese people are very friendly and everyone speaks english! i really feel like home, i love lisbon, it is a city full of light where you can find lots of social and cultural activities for everyone the weather for me, as a dutch person,

is obviously a dream come true, i love the weather, it is amazing. the food is very tasty, portuguese people are very good in the kitchen, amazing food, so many different dishes and… i love the portuguese “feijoada" i like "bacalhau ã  brã¡s"! for anyone interested in a great challenge if you want to be part of a fast growing company

if you are looking for an amazing place to work i really invite you to have a look at teleperformance portugal! come here and join us

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car hire lisbon,come to teleperformance portugal as soon as possible you will not regret it we are looking for you!

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12th of december 2016 i was excited because ... iâ´ve found a cause... very supportive, very conducive ... to help people who need it most. i think its a very good... initiative by goldcar, gather and collect food...

to give it to... to the most disadvantaged. in goldcar, for years, we've had initiatives of this type. but this year... we thought about doing it... in a more organized manner. because we saw more interest, not only...

in the main offices, but also in the rest... of the goldcar offices. the foods that were... most collected... were: pasta, vegetables, oil...

especially food... non perishable, items that... don't expire or lose their properties. milk has also been collected, tuna... food that helps... the people who need it most.

those with the least resources obviously we have advanced .... a lot... in the same manner… as we welcomed it... 6 or 7 years ago. it has achieved... more each year... and each time it has been better.

this personal satisfaction... of helping for the simple fact of helping, in an altruistic way, to know that you are collaborating with people who need it... is so satisfying… 5300:01:35,160 --> 00:01:36,160personally… which is sufficient with this. whether or not…

in line with the policy of... social responsibility… corporate governance. previously, having never participated… in a campaign like this. but always had the idea of wanting to help… or to be able to do something ...

for others. i liked it a lot and... it's not going to be the last time... for collaboration in an initiative like this. this is a set of bricks trying to make a small house that brings survival ... to many people

who are having a bad time. and as collaborators... with these bricks it is very agreeable… for everyone that we can create an umbrella… for survival for these people having a bad time.

thank you… to the goldcar workers ... for your generosity and happy holidays. thanks to them… from friday there will be… a lot of families… who will receive these foods. thanks to goldcar…

for the food… that they have donated for us. thank you! we are very happy… to collaborate with this initiative… of the food bank. so that in this way... people without resources...

can eat. to contribute… to this noble cause. for your sympathy. for your work… throughout the year. for their work in these current times. for their great work.

thank you very much. thank you. thank you to all the volunteers! many thanks and merry christmas.

car hire lisbon airport

car hire lisbon airport,- one more time… with a different phrase. -i’m going… ok, it made me laugh.

Sabtu, 14 Oktober 2017

car hire nottingham

i am mathieu boisselier. this ismenzana d'hulm. welcome to our cab! it is a volvo fh,designed by whittaker coachbuilders. it's a powerful's 420 horsepower. so i never have troublewith this kind of engine. come inside my second home. as you can see, we have a nice place,a very comfortable place, with a two-space bed, a nice chair... we had dinner about eleven one's very, very nice. of course, we have a fridge,we have a freezer...

we have a microwave to cook... we have a tv to spend time... and here we have a bathroom,like in a hotel. it's a very large bathroom,with a shower, a toilet... everything to live comfortablyduring a competition. here we have another bed,a very nice bed, with stairs to go up. and here, we have accessto the part for the horses. we can put seven horses inside. here we have fans,we have an extractor...

we have a camerato see them when we drive... this is a partition for the horses. we put the horses there,close the partition during the travel, and the horses stay, during the travel,inside this partition. it's full air suspension,so it's very, very nice for the horses. the horses are like in a coach,and they travel very, very well. they travel so wellthat they arrive less tired. they arrive in perfect conditionto compete. last year, it was my first yearwith this lorry,

and it was my best year ever. i'm here in europe becausea high level of my sport is here. to be every weekend on the big events,it's easier to be here in europe. most of the time we are in france,but we make long trips

car hire nottingham
car hire nottingham,to england, the netherlands,everywhere in europe. but i'm canadian.i have my logo everywhere. you have the maple flower everywhere. i'm really proud to be canadianand to compete for canada.
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car hire on the gold coast

a lively city with a unique blend of catalan culture, architecture and a wealth of luxury hotels, nightlife and restaurants. barcelona is t...