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hi community of awesome! i'm ava jae, andthis is bookishpixie. so today i want to talk about a topic thatfrequently comes up when discussing ya, especially when talking about banned books, and that'ssex and swearing in young adult literature. i find this question especially comes up alot with readers of young adult and writers of young adult who are wondering how muchya authors are allowed to get away with.

topics sex

topics sex, and the truth is, in terms of including sex,and swearing, and drugs and whatever else in ya, authors are allowed to get away withquite a bit. for example, just pulling off my shelf, igniteme by tahereh mafi has a pretty steamy ya sex scene. and i'll give you the sun by jandy nelsonhas sex, and swearing, and specifically talks

about boners...yup. and eleanor & park by rainbow rowell has swearingright off the first page, and also has graphic sexual content. and i mean, those are just a couple examplesthat i quickly pulled off my shelf. now don't get me wrong, i'm not saying thatthese books have graphic content and therefore shouldn't be read or anything like that. and in fact, all of the examples i gave werebooks that i really enjoyed reading. because here's the truth about sex, and swearing,and drugs, and whatever else in young adult literature: teens believe it or not have sex,and do drugs, and they swear a lot.

now of course i'm not saying that all teensdo all of those things or even any of those things, but a lot of teens do. and so while not all ya needs to have sex,and swearing, and drugs, it makes sense that a lot of ya does. literature in one form or another is aboutrepresenting different aspects of reality. even fantasy books that take place in anotherworld have the same kind of resonances, whether it's through emotional resonances, or themes,or problems that the protagonist encounters that teens can relate to in their own livesin different ways. it wouldn't make sense for all ya to haveteens who don't do drugs, and don't have sex,

and don't swear. because that's just not reality, and teenssee right through that. so if you're a ya writer, you don't have toinclude sex, and swearing, and drugs, or whatever other themes that might make you uncomfortable. but the truth is that you certainly don'tneed to shy away from it either. so that's all i've got for today! if you likedwhat you saw, don't forget to subscribe and comment, and i'll see you guys next week!

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todays sex

hi i'm jacqueline hellyer and today's sextoy sexpose is implements for soft sensation play. so i'm really big on creating all sortsof sensory activites on the body, moving away from just thinking about sex as a genitalencounter and finding all sorts of sensory activites everywhere else. now as you cansee i've already blindfolded bruce here cos this is one of those times where it can bereally lovely to cut out that sensation, the

todays sex

todays sex, visual so that you can highlight the here's this beautiful little tickler, this is one from lelo see how it's beautifuland purple and feathery and you just find lovely ways to stimulate your partner includingtheir genitals lovely penis there beautiful sensation. now you may find that you've gotsome stuff just lying around the house now

i just found this in the kids bedroom, don'teven know what it is but i tell you what "nice eh bruce?" so it's amazing what you can findaround the house look this is something else i've found it's a curtain loop thing thatholds curtains back but look at that. what fun can you have with that. alright, we humansare blessed with these huge brains which means we can be infinitely creative when it comesto creating pleasure. oh fun bondage is actually for the next video. um and this too have alook at this, lovely little whip, flogger, it's made out of suede so it's actually quitesoft now you can just use it to tickle all over especially down here, feels rather niceanother lovely way to use it is to just swirl it round like this and then what you get isa nice tickly sensation particularly over

the genitals and for ladies for ladies breastsyou can do this and if you want you can also do some nice little flicks on a real personit can sound quite charmingly rough but it really doesn't hurt that much. so you canalso do sensory activites like this to your partner. so soft sensation play and fun bondage,you can buy beautiful things, you can find some stuff around the house. go forth andplay. lovelife by jacqueline hellyer

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the psychology of sex

part of the work i've done with couples revolves around kind of the sexual scripts, which are the sexual response cycles that i see couples come in with. and it's almost like they have this preconditioned idea that this is the story i'm supposed to have for sex and if it doesn't go this way, then there's something wrong. and so, i have to talk with him about, you know what, that's

the psychology of sex

the psychology of sex, just the story that we have in the united states, mainly from this medical point of view. but, you can write your sexual script any way you want. so, it doesn't have to end in orgasm. it doesn't have to start out with this massive building up of desire and excitement. it can go any way that you want it to and

that's what's really important as people need to understand that they really own their sexual response cycle. and they own their sexual script. and it really can be written and rewritten any way that's, that's comfortable for them. so we know that there's a difference in sexual response depending on the culture but do women and men have different orgasms. even though a lot of people orgasms whether it be through self stimulation self love or partnered or partnered experiences, many people do orgasms. however, there are large percentages of people who do not. again a lot of times that does tend to be women who experience more difficulty orgaziming. on average, the orgasm, kind

of experience is the shortest part of a sexual response cycle. unless of course, you're, you know, a pig in which case, it's like thirty minutes long. but, humans are very short cycled for their orgasm but that really varies from person to person as well. so, for some people an orgasm might last like thirty seconds, for other people it could last a matter of minutes. and actually woman tend to have longer orgasms than men. or are capable of longer orgasms. women, when they do orgasm are also able to have multiple orgasms pretty consecutively in a row pretty easily compared to their male counterpart. so, once a woman kind of figures out how to have an orgasm, she actually has more opportunity

for longer orgasms and more of them in comparison to men. however in general, more women do struggle to kind of learn how to orgasm. and i say learn how to orgasm because one of the biggest differences is just is an, it's an anatomical difference, right. so men they have basically all of their equipment right in front of them on the outside, you know, their penis is right in front of them, their testicles is right in front of them. so it's, it's very easy to kind of self explore and figure it out what to do, right. with women, most of the equipment is internal. so it's very difficult to kind of figure out what, what your body's doing, what something feels like. i mean and there's a difference

between a clitoral orgasm and a [inaudible] spot orgasm or a g-spot orgasm. and a lot of women, it takes a lot of exploration before they're really able to have an orgasm in either location. and a lot of the holdup for women is just that many societies, pretty much across the globe, many societies have put restrictions on women. social restrictions, moral restrictions, religious restrictions where they're, they're kind of sent this message that sex is something that they're not supposed to enjoy. and doesn't really, their needs really aren't all that important in

terms of desire, arousal and orgasm. and so, it's very challenging to, for women not only because it's anatomical differences to orgasm because we have to learn. but they also have to tear down kind of this societal block or wall that has been created in their mind around not being able to orgasm. so, couple things i recommend for people when i see clients, especially women who are struggling to have an orgasm and they want to have an orgasm. it's okay if people don't want to orgasm too. that's fine. but what i recommend when they do is, a lot of self exploration, so getting to know their own body. and then a lot of, just cognitive behavioral therapies to work on the fact that it's

totally normative and natural to have sexual feelings and to feel good when you're engaging in certain behaviors.

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sexual psychology

fantasy is certain, certainly a very common thing that everyone engages in. and when i'm talking about fantasy, it doesn't necessarily have to be erotic or sexual fantasy. a lot of people daydream or fantasize about multiple things throughout the day. so, maybe the perfect job they want or maybe like a certain house or maybe the latest, you know, iphone or whatever the situation may be.

sexual psychology

sexual psychology, and so, its completely natural that people might fantasize about sex or erotic touch or just liking someone and being with them. in fact, in some recent studies 93% of men and 86% of women reported that they do engage in, in fantasy. it can be really helpful for individuals to be engaging in fan,

fantasy-type thoughts on their own as long as, again, they've got some cognitive kind of restructuring that they've done. if they have any walls or blockades around sex or sexuality. so that they aren't kind of beating themselves up later for fantasizing. so as long as they know that it's okay and they're comfortable doing that, then it's fine. couples also can engage in fantasy together. so they can tell each other their fantasies, tell each other their desires. and it doesn't necessarily mean that they have to act on those as a couple or as individuals. fantasy is, in it's definition, a fantasy. which often times is things we might not do or maybe that we have done and we're just

thinking about in hindsight. and as long as it's done in a way that is healthy for the individual, healthy for the couple, then absolutely. it's totally natural normal healthy and nothing wrong with it. >> at what age is it possible for people to reach orgazam, men and women? >> that's a great question. so, i hear this question a lot. you know when, when can people orgasm, when can they kind of experience sexually, you know, positive feelings, and so it's really interesting is, there are images of infants in utero. particularly male infants or infants with penises we don't really know their gender yet, but there are images of them in utero touching

their penises, fondling themselves. so one of the things that the techs that look at ultrasounds in the medical field will tell you is that oftentimes. it's hard to identify male infants because their hands are usually between their legs so much in utero that they never actually are able to see the penis. and so, although we can't be certain because, certainly there is no way to get inside the mind of an infant or even really ask them any questions. there's pretty good literature to support that both babies that happen to be male and babies that happen to be female are experiencing sexual feelings, orgasmic type feelings when, when their touching their genitalia. which is a totally natural

normal thing. even for small infants and toddlers to engage in. now are we talking about, you know, an orgasm where a male actually like ejaculates. well, no, certainly not in infancy. that doesn't happen until males tend to be like 12, 13 years old. but if we're talking about orgasmic feelings, there's, there's actually, we don't really know exactly when that starts. it's, it's as young as the person you know, becomes curious about their own body and, and starts exploring, so

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sex today

heya playas, currently not discussing hajar jahanam that can cope with premature ejaculation but I want to conveyto all the girls watching thismay make all the sense in the world. but if you're a guy like me, this may take some timeto wrap your brain around. now we've all heard it takes a woman no more than few secondsto determine whether or not she'd have sex with someone. now what if i were to tell youthat her entire decision could be flipped with just one kiss. the straight up truthis that women are much more sexual than guys

sex today
sex today, and the reason for that is that they're somuch more in tune with their feelings. their skin, their touch, their style, their seems like everything a woman does is at a much more slower pace than a man. and thereason for that is that women want to take in every emotion, every feeling, every experience.and for guys that's not always the case. we

want things quick, we want things our way.we want to know that we're getting the biggest bang for our buck each and every time. sohow does this translate to sex, better yet how does this translate to kissing? pacingyoung grasshopper. you must pace yourself. look back at movies from the 1950's and you'llsee that every epic finale involving the two main characters ended in a kiss. they didn'tend up knocking boots or having the guy finish on the girls face. they held one another intheir arms, locked eyes and kissed. the kiss is usually the first sexual encounter betweentwo people and the reality of it is that if you're a bad kisser it could probably be thebiggest turn off in the world. women are looking at it with the mentality of well if he can'tkiss me good then he probably can't do other

things as well either. where a man is likeyeah, you suck at kissing but you still got a vagina. even in female sex novels half thebook can go by before the heroine even looks at the half vampire-werewolf-soldier-traveler-detective'spenis. build up guys, women love build up. most men see kissing as nothing more thana step in the escalation process. here's the logic behind it, when a woman accepts yourkiss that's usually a sign to move on to the next level. urg, so why is kissing betterthan sex?think of it like this, a kiss is your chance to truly build la passion. imagineyou're watching a football game with a girl and she ends up skipping all the touchdownsand interceptions and goes right to the end where one team is taking a knee. well, thatdoesn't sound like a lot of fun and it wouldn't

be much of a game now would it? sometimesa girl may want to spend countless hours doing nothing but kissing until she's comfortableenough to trust you, comfortable enough to know that you'll guide her to the next level.and if done right, a woman will see that you're not just in it to bone her. you're in it tomake love to her. like this video if you agree that it's all about the build up. leave acomment letting me know what would your fantasy first kiss be like? and subscribe to the channelto see my other videos on sexy time relationship stuff. as always guys, love and peace. jamiesaved my life and for that i'll always remember her. but our love is like the wind, i can'tsee it but i can feel it. ooh that's powerful writing right there. ok guys, so monday'svideos gonna be a little bit different because

i'm gonna kinda be on the road so i'm notgonna be able to edit. i'm definitely gonna put something up, just really don't know what.i can't see it, but i can feel it.

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