Rabu, 01 November 2017

car hire nice

silent stop... jake paul merch link in the description ohio fried chicken b*tch we made this in one day tricky rick

bobby slick ohio boys let's hit it honkey donk tonkey tonk ohio fried chicken is what it's called i got my truck my overalls

just me and my boys makin' fried chicken y'all kentucky can't compete ofc yee yeet sweep you of yo feet plez look up to meh we'll tell ya what to do tenders the move getcha self sum sauce yeh yo a bowse

ofc that's how we're livin' come around town you'll find me sittin' you're a pretty girl with no care no problem in tha world not even her hair i think i found what i finnaly need chicken and a girl that's nice and thicken slow it down or speed it up ahm makin' my way to ohio fried chicken b*tch

honkay donk tonkay tonk is wut it's called got meh truck mah overalls juss me and mah boiiz makin' fried chicken y'all they said i wouldn't make it now mah chickens naked and mah truck is lifted

shout out to ma n'pops (love you) ah got mah piggie (oink) i got mah goat (neigh??????????????????????) but ah still need a lil' boat (row row) i wanna make

mah family proud i just wanna sell out a crowd i need a girl

car hire nice

car hire nice,who's down to ride :) workin' all day that's ohio pride is what it's called trio's rollin' up

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