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sex news

do not let children watch this episode ofthe american life league report. [intro]when most people think of plannedparenthood, they think of the babies it kills throughabortion, or the mountains of birth control it dispenses. but another side to planned parenthood, whichshould be equally considered,

sex news

sex news, is its obsession with sex. sex toys, sex-contests, sex-balloons,

penis-shaped balloons, penis lollipops, penis cupcakes, vagina cakes, vagina macaroons, vagina fruit-rollups, giant vagina costumes … all of these things play a central role inplanned parenthood’s community activities.but what’s truly shocking, is how these pervertsare allowed unfettered access to our children

while raking in government cash to sell themunrestrained sex.oh, planned parenthood will claim that what they teach kids is “scientific”and “age appropriate,” but the fact of the matter is that “ageappropriate” is a standard concocted by planned parenthood itself so that it can sell pornography to kids as“science.” why would they do this?just as the goalof a drug dealer is to make drug-addicts, planned parenthood’s goal is to make sex-addicts, and they follow the same business model. forinstance, planned parenthood’s gateway-drug is masturbation.

one of its primary resources for 10-year-oldsis a book called “it’s perfectly normal,” and it sells masturbation to kids with graphicimages of naked boys and girls, boys and girls masturbating, men and women having sex, and even things like this … and this … and this.if a dirty, old man showed these things to a 10-year-old kid in the park, he'd be arrested. but when planned parenthood shows them tokids in a classroom, it gets government money.

but that’s just the start. once they get to high school … you know, right about the time they hit puberty… planned parenthood tells vulnerable teensstimulating and intimate things about sex. just look at what its website for teens says.thelink to “our bodies,” takes teens to a page that provides graphic displays of genitals, and tells them about how pleasurable the clitorisis, and how pleasurable breasts are to touch and massage. this section on “sex andmasturbation” encourages boys and girls to masturbate,

and tries to dispel any embarrassment or hesitationin trying it. it also describes orgasms, and encouragesanal sex and oral sex.this section titled lgbtq tells young teens that "all sexual orientationsare perfectly normal.” the page on homosexuality titled, “comingout,” displays a teenage boy in an intimate pose with what appears to be… an adult man. this section explains how to have gay sex,using a condom, dental dam, and even plastic wrap.and for their viewing pleasure, plannedparenthood’s got a few things for teens to watch. [boy's voice] there's a penison my body. awesome. [alien voice] being gay is a little like beingleft-handed.

[girl in bed] any protection?[man in bed] yeah. of course. [girl in bed] amen. [girl's voice] now this is a clitoral hood.see it? [rapper] ♪ rappy-rap, betta ring-a-rang-dong.this is how the penis and vagina get along. ♪ go penis! go penis! [singing] ♪ twinkie, trumpet, gherkin, captainwinky, shlong. ♪ [female cartoon] time to go inside and findout. [male cartoon] inside the vagina? who-ha-hoo-hoo.

[female cartoon] calm down, pete. you're leakingagain. [michael] it’s bad enough that plannedparenthood is conditioning children to engage in sexual activity with the kind of stuff that we’ve just shownyou. but planned parenthood of upper hudson’syouth program … which includes children as young as 13 … requires participants to be exposed to sexual-deviancyon parade – literally! planned parenthood of upper hudson’s applicationform for the s.t.a.r.s. program for high school kids

states that students, as young as 13, “arerequired to attend capital pride.”but this isn't just planned parenthood of upperhudson. as shown in this memo from 1969, planned parenthood'snational goal is to restructure the family and encourage increased homosexuality as asick form of population control. and that's why they expose our kids to stufflike this:[♪ techno music ♪]… is it any wonder that 1 in 4 teenage girls hasan std? all this exposure to sex takes place beforegraduating from high school! when these kids go to college, they’ll bebombarded with sex-themed parties put on by planned parenthood vox groups.

here’s a brief look at some of the differentways planned parenthood spills its pornographic material to undergrads.like this posterof a penis monster attacking a naked girl in a condom bubble.is this image from avox party something that planned parenthood considers “medically accurate?”here’splanned parenthood doing its part in reducing men and women to sex objects.a party withno pants and free safe-sex kits? that just screams date-rape. maybe a planned parenthoodsex workshop about pleasure, desire, and orgasms is more age-appropriate. at least your sons and daughters can enjoythe vulva puppet show and leave with a free sex-toy.what plannedparenthood education booth would be complete

without a fisting-kit for homosexual collegeand teenaged students?but hey … america can sleep well knowing that its tax moneyis being put to good use, right?this is what planned parenthood is all about. get the kids addicted to sex, so it can sellthem birth control. when teens catch a sexually transmitted disease,it sells them testing services. and when a young girl gets pregnant, it sellsher an abortion. this isn’t education, it’s indoctrination intended to drum upplanned parenthood’s abortion business. help us break the cycle. go to american life league’s action centerto find out what you can do to stop the madness.for

american life league, i'm michael hichborn.

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