Kamis, 27 April 2017

psychology of sexuality

the mythmakersof system vector psychology teach other people to,allegedly, define others by vectors.this is profanity. what's a manof the anal vector? there are different men of the anal vector,

psychology of sexuality

psychology of sexuality, there are different menof the dermal vector. everybody is different depending on a state of their vectors. a father says,

"watch your honor while you are young!" reputation isclean, untainted and, the table clothis clean, untainted and a woman has to beclean, virgin, and honest. the clean people"let's start over with a clean slate!" there is an opposite in every vector,the opposite of its qualities in this case, it is dirty pornographyand psychological dirt on forums and in chat rooms. the men who love 'dirty' womenare the anal men

who lost their respect,their income, those who were removedfrom a hall of fame thanks to dermal roughes,those who lost their women, and tookoffense with them: "all women are bitches. " "yes, bro, i had one,it is the way they all are. i understand you, bro,she haven't waited for me, i returned and found outthat she is cheating on me. so, i killed them both right away.and i went to the police afterwords

and now i'm serving my time, buti'm right and all the lads say i'm right. " the main thing is to be right: "i can kill the entire worldfor rightness. " "a bitch doesn't know her place. bitches are at every turn"all bad words about women: whores, hookers, prostitutes, theseare our words to describe women. yes, we are absolutely monogamous. when developed we are absolutely faithful,monogamous, devoted to a woman, and spend time with 'a dirty prostitute'

wanting a dirty sex when we are inthe opposite state. you will understand this,feel this, at first sight, at first word,at first movement. you won't just see an anal man, but also what condition he is in,what state he is in. what are his desires? many of us(anal men) are very caring in sex. we care not only about the rabbits,the soup, but also about womenand her sexual pleasure. some of us are big fans of rough sex,

simple rough sex, takinga woman in a rough manner. some dermal women in the similar state of their dermal vector, like it.you'll learn all about sexuality: the types of sexuality,polygamy, monogamy,a novelty factor, 'learn in action' sexuality,all the nuances. in five seconds, you will be ableto see all of their fantasies, all desires, even unconcious ones. you will know how to make any man

with any vector totally go crazyabout you, no matter what. there is a problem bothamong men and women, those who are underdeveloped orunrealized.. the rest,aren't problematic, the problem is in lack of understanding.so, you will be able to distinguish one from the otherand, with a developed person, you will be able to builda complementary relationship, which brings more satisfactionthan suffering.

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