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sex today

heya playas, currently not discussing hajar jahanam that can cope with premature ejaculation but I want to conveyto all the girls watching thismay make all the sense in the world. but if you're a guy like me, this may take some timeto wrap your brain around. now we've all heard it takes a woman no more than few secondsto determine whether or not she'd have sex with someone. now what if i were to tell youthat her entire decision could be flipped with just one kiss. the straight up truthis that women are much more sexual than guys

sex today
sex today, and the reason for that is that they're somuch more in tune with their feelings. their skin, their touch, their style, their seems like everything a woman does is at a much more slower pace than a man. and thereason for that is that women want to take in every emotion, every feeling, every experience.and for guys that's not always the case. we

want things quick, we want things our way.we want to know that we're getting the biggest bang for our buck each and every time. sohow does this translate to sex, better yet how does this translate to kissing? pacingyoung grasshopper. you must pace yourself. look back at movies from the 1950's and you'llsee that every epic finale involving the two main characters ended in a kiss. they didn'tend up knocking boots or having the guy finish on the girls face. they held one another intheir arms, locked eyes and kissed. the kiss is usually the first sexual encounter betweentwo people and the reality of it is that if you're a bad kisser it could probably be thebiggest turn off in the world. women are looking at it with the mentality of well if he can'tkiss me good then he probably can't do other

things as well either. where a man is likeyeah, you suck at kissing but you still got a vagina. even in female sex novels half thebook can go by before the heroine even looks at the half vampire-werewolf-soldier-traveler-detective'spenis. build up guys, women love build up. most men see kissing as nothing more thana step in the escalation process. here's the logic behind it, when a woman accepts yourkiss that's usually a sign to move on to the next level. urg, so why is kissing betterthan sex?think of it like this, a kiss is your chance to truly build la passion. imagineyou're watching a football game with a girl and she ends up skipping all the touchdownsand interceptions and goes right to the end where one team is taking a knee. well, thatdoesn't sound like a lot of fun and it wouldn't

be much of a game now would it? sometimesa girl may want to spend countless hours doing nothing but kissing until she's comfortableenough to trust you, comfortable enough to know that you'll guide her to the next level.and if done right, a woman will see that you're not just in it to bone her. you're in it tomake love to her. like this video if you agree that it's all about the build up. leave acomment letting me know what would your fantasy first kiss be like? and subscribe to the channelto see my other videos on sexy time relationship stuff. as always guys, love and peace. jamiesaved my life and for that i'll always remember her. but our love is like the wind, i can'tsee it but i can feel it. ooh that's powerful writing right there. ok guys, so monday'svideos gonna be a little bit different because

i'm gonna kinda be on the road so i'm notgonna be able to edit. i'm definitely gonna put something up, just really don't know what.i can't see it, but i can feel it.

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