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sexual psychology

fantasy is certain, certainly a very common thing that everyone engages in. and when i'm talking about fantasy, it doesn't necessarily have to be erotic or sexual fantasy. a lot of people daydream or fantasize about multiple things throughout the day. so, maybe the perfect job they want or maybe like a certain house or maybe the latest, you know, iphone or whatever the situation may be.

sexual psychology

sexual psychology, and so, its completely natural that people might fantasize about sex or erotic touch or just liking someone and being with them. in fact, in some recent studies 93% of men and 86% of women reported that they do engage in, in fantasy. it can be really helpful for individuals to be engaging in fan,

fantasy-type thoughts on their own as long as, again, they've got some cognitive kind of restructuring that they've done. if they have any walls or blockades around sex or sexuality. so that they aren't kind of beating themselves up later for fantasizing. so as long as they know that it's okay and they're comfortable doing that, then it's fine. couples also can engage in fantasy together. so they can tell each other their fantasies, tell each other their desires. and it doesn't necessarily mean that they have to act on those as a couple or as individuals. fantasy is, in it's definition, a fantasy. which often times is things we might not do or maybe that we have done and we're just

thinking about in hindsight. and as long as it's done in a way that is healthy for the individual, healthy for the couple, then absolutely. it's totally natural normal healthy and nothing wrong with it. >> at what age is it possible for people to reach orgazam, men and women? >> that's a great question. so, i hear this question a lot. you know when, when can people orgasm, when can they kind of experience sexually, you know, positive feelings, and so it's really interesting is, there are images of infants in utero. particularly male infants or infants with penises we don't really know their gender yet, but there are images of them in utero touching

their penises, fondling themselves. so one of the things that the techs that look at ultrasounds in the medical field will tell you is that oftentimes. it's hard to identify male infants because their hands are usually between their legs so much in utero that they never actually are able to see the penis. and so, although we can't be certain because, certainly there is no way to get inside the mind of an infant or even really ask them any questions. there's pretty good literature to support that both babies that happen to be male and babies that happen to be female are experiencing sexual feelings, orgasmic type feelings when, when their touching their genitalia. which is a totally natural

normal thing. even for small infants and toddlers to engage in. now are we talking about, you know, an orgasm where a male actually like ejaculates. well, no, certainly not in infancy. that doesn't happen until males tend to be like 12, 13 years old. but if we're talking about orgasmic feelings, there's, there's actually, we don't really know exactly when that starts. it's, it's as young as the person you know, becomes curious about their own body and, and starts exploring, so

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