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todays sex

hi i'm jacqueline hellyer and today's sextoy sexpose is implements for soft sensation play. so i'm really big on creating all sortsof sensory activites on the body, moving away from just thinking about sex as a genitalencounter and finding all sorts of sensory activites everywhere else. now as you cansee i've already blindfolded bruce here cos this is one of those times where it can bereally lovely to cut out that sensation, the

todays sex

todays sex, visual so that you can highlight the rest.now here's this beautiful little tickler, this is one from lelo see how it's beautifuland purple and feathery and you just find lovely ways to stimulate your partner includingtheir genitals lovely penis there beautiful sensation. now you may find that you've gotsome stuff just lying around the house now

i just found this in the kids bedroom, don'teven know what it is but i tell you what "nice eh bruce?" so it's amazing what you can findaround the house look this is something else i've found it's a curtain loop thing thatholds curtains back but look at that. what fun can you have with that. alright, we humansare blessed with these huge brains which means we can be infinitely creative when it comesto creating pleasure. oh fun bondage is actually for the next video. um and this too have alook at this, lovely little whip, flogger, it's made out of suede so it's actually quitesoft now you can just use it to tickle all over especially down here, feels rather niceanother lovely way to use it is to just swirl it round like this and then what you get isa nice tickly sensation particularly over

the genitals and for ladies for ladies breastsyou can do this and if you want you can also do some nice little flicks on a real personit can sound quite charmingly rough but it really doesn't hurt that much. so you canalso do sensory activites like this to your partner. so soft sensation play and fun bondage,you can buy beautiful things, you can find some stuff around the house. go forth andplay. lovelife by jacqueline hellyer

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