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topics sex

hi community of awesome! i'm ava jae, andthis is bookishpixie. so today i want to talk about a topic thatfrequently comes up when discussing ya, especially when talking about banned books, and that'ssex and swearing in young adult literature. i find this question especially comes up alot with readers of young adult and writers of young adult who are wondering how muchya authors are allowed to get away with.

topics sex

topics sex, and the truth is, in terms of including sex,and swearing, and drugs and whatever else in ya, authors are allowed to get away withquite a bit. for example, just pulling off my shelf, igniteme by tahereh mafi has a pretty steamy ya sex scene. and i'll give you the sun by jandy nelsonhas sex, and swearing, and specifically talks

about boners...yup. and eleanor & park by rainbow rowell has swearingright off the first page, and also has graphic sexual content. and i mean, those are just a couple examplesthat i quickly pulled off my shelf. now don't get me wrong, i'm not saying thatthese books have graphic content and therefore shouldn't be read or anything like that. and in fact, all of the examples i gave werebooks that i really enjoyed reading. because here's the truth about sex, and swearing,and drugs, and whatever else in young adult literature: teens believe it or not have sex,and do drugs, and they swear a lot.

now of course i'm not saying that all teensdo all of those things or even any of those things, but a lot of teens do. and so while not all ya needs to have sex,and swearing, and drugs, it makes sense that a lot of ya does. literature in one form or another is aboutrepresenting different aspects of reality. even fantasy books that take place in anotherworld have the same kind of resonances, whether it's through emotional resonances, or themes,or problems that the protagonist encounters that teens can relate to in their own livesin different ways. it wouldn't make sense for all ya to haveteens who don't do drugs, and don't have sex,

and don't swear. because that's just not reality, and teenssee right through that. so if you're a ya writer, you don't have toinclude sex, and swearing, and drugs, or whatever other themes that might make you uncomfortable. but the truth is that you certainly don'tneed to shy away from it either. so that's all i've got for today! if you likedwhat you saw, don't forget to subscribe and comment, and i'll see you guys next week!

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